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Dancing the Algorithm COMING SOON
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Analogue Is Dead
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The Divine Forest
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4th DIMENSION (2nd Edition) (1st Edition)

  1. Dancing the Algorithm COMING SOON
  1. Shiseido’s Journey of Potential COMING SOON
  2. BIOS: Full Bloom COMING SOON
  1. AR Tango︎︎︎ Art Reimagined
  2. VR Latent Space Pluritopia
  3. In Hot Waters
  4. VR INSTINCT D’Art Festival Metaverse︎︎︎
  5. Terrarium︎︎︎ Night Festival
  6. BIOS: Digital Nature Night Festival
  7. BIOS: A Conversation with the Wind
  8. AR/VR SUPERMAMA World︎︎︎ Milan Design Week
  9. XR MPL Season 3 Extended Reality Set︎︎︎
  10. VR ADM Metaverse︎︎︎
  11. BIOS 01 SG Art Week
  12. Networked Machines︎︎︎ SG Art Week

  1. Archive of Digital Plants
  2. Golden Hour︎︎︎ SG Countdown
  3. XR MPL Season 2 Extended Reality Set︎︎︎
  4. AR NDP Experience︎︎︎ SG Day 
  5. AR Secret Garden: Lloyd’s Inn X SERIAL︎︎︎ 
  6. AR Hidden Garden: Lloyd’s Inn X UNIQLO︎︎︎
  7. AR ADM Grad Show 2021︎︎︎
  8. Interconnected Machines SG Art Week

  1. AR Lucinda Law’s Botanical Art Experience Exhibition︎︎︎
  2. The Divine Forest 
  3. AR Jason Yu EP Experience︎︎︎
  4. In Vivo: Within the Living
  5. AR ADM Grad Show 2020︎︎︎
  6. Creating Smart Textiles
  7. AR Creators Climate Action AR Campaign︎︎︎ 

  1. AR Singapore Sports Hub: Season Of Giving
  2. AR BBC Earth: Botanical Art World
  3. AR Trip.com: Take That Trip!
  4. AR The Bubble Tea Factory: Bobabae
  7. 4th DIMENSION (2nd Edition) (1st Edition)
  8. State Of The Arch
  9. Share Share Application

  1. Me & My Shiny Teeth Application
  2. ADAM
  3. ONE
  4. TV?
  7. AR VoyagAR︎︎︎
  8. Shy Shy Venus︎︎︎
  9. VR Voice of The Morning Star︎︎︎
  10. PHASE︎︎︎
  11. AR TamaGO!︎︎︎
  12. ROGUE Magazine︎︎︎

  1. NOMADIC︎︎︎
  2. VR Train To Bishan︎︎︎
  3. BLXCK Website︎︎︎
  4. 36-100-01︎︎︎
  5. MEMBRAIN Industries︎︎︎
  6. VR 360 Tour of Prambanan︎︎︎
  7. To Us︎︎︎
  8. The Novena Dream︎︎︎
  10. 兄 Blood︎︎︎

  1. LAZARUS XII︎︎︎
  2. The Red Giant︎︎︎

  1. You’re My Type︎︎︎

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BIOS: Living NFTs

BIOS: Living NFTs


BIOSNFT is an art dynamic NFT collectible project that sees 256 unique plants grow over the course of 6 months. Inspired by variegated plant collecting and the immortalisation of virtual plants on the blockchain, each 3D plant can be viewed, owned, traded and grows from a seed to a mature plant on the blockchain. The project was borne out of a desire to utilise real world data into a changing and growing aesthetic. The premise was simple for this project, we want to recreate the realistic reality of how a plant grows in the real world, into the digital world. To achieve that, creating a dynamic NFT is the answer.

At the heart of BIOSNFT is the technology behind how the digital plants grow and is a window into what is next in the world of dynamic NFTs. These Dynamic NFTs change their aesthetic state by retrieving real-world data autonomously without interaction from the user. Produced from a combination of 3D modelling, machine learning algorithms, and procedural programming, each plant is one-of-a-kind.

Machine Learning was used to generate an infinite number of textures for the collection. As a subset of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning utilises a dataset of almost 1,000 images of plants taken in Singapore and then filtered to create a Generative AdversarialNetwork (GAN).

BIOSNFTs lived and grew in real-time on the Blockchain.

Opensea Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/bios-living-nfts

Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x6c0abafc02a031c6240462f8707c0913a930091e 

Innovation on Existing On-Chain Technologies

The idea sprouted from our dissatisfaction of the current status quo of NFTs; they are but snapshots or frozen loops in time of what still seems to us as traditional art. The idea of a truly new media digital art work should bring in the most fundamental part of the network: Data.

Upon doing our market research in early 2021, we found an NFT that was truly dynamic, reacting to a basketball player's slam dunks over his seasons in the NBA. The numbers on the NFT were changing and we were intrigued. We spent the following months dissecting how it was done. And when we reached the conclusion, we realised that this technology can be implemented in other fields, for other purposes, beyond just slam dunks.

When we first uploaded our test onto the Blockchain Testnet and it worked, we knew BIOS would extend beyond a normal NFT art project and be a true pioneer in its own class. The implementation of a time and date verification process would allow for our plants to grow day to day, for an infinite time for as long as we keep our servers running and verifying.

The added functionality of allowing its growth rate to be affected by the value of Ethereum is very meta and apt. Plants in the real world run on light and water, and in the Blockchain, it's run by Gas in the form of Ethereum.

True Symbiosis of Art & Tech

Beyond just putting the work up on the Blockchain and employing traditional NFT marketing techniques, we're marrying that with connecting with traditional art collectors through our showcase at Hatch Art Project gallery. This will be the first time any NFT Collectible Art project is dropping at a physical venue in collaboration with an art gallery.

Even though it might only seem like a logistical issue, there are many operational procedures that need to be thought out to facilitate a physical gallery with traditional art collector who are not onboarded into the space. Since the inception of the gallery, all the parties involved have figured out effective methodologies and operational processes that will allow for the easy onboarding of traditional art collectors and the buying and selling procedures between the client, gallery and NFT artists.



(BIOS: Living NFTs on Opensea, captured on 1 Dec 2022)