SINGAPORE: Households will have one more year to switch to Digital TV after the Infocomm Media Development Authority announced that the deadline to pull the plug on analogue TV broadcast has been shifted from end-2017 to Dec 31, 2018.”

ANALOGUE IS DEAD was an idea about technology and society, tackling the impending doom of analogous televisions on 1 Jan 2019. Started out as an experimental film meant to provoke thought about relationship between humans and machine that grew much beyond that. Televisions would float around a space, seeming some what sentient. The tangibility of what it means to consume and to be a consumer.

We are but a part of technology, none of it and the entirety of it. Speak, just as they speak to you. The entirety of humans are analog if you think about. Our tactile touch, sight, smell; nothing inherently digital. So whatʼs next?

ANALOGUE IS DEAD was translated into 3 different mediums. Screen for Experimental Film, Interactive Dome Space, Physical Installation based.

ANALOGUE IS DEAD is a commentary on Singapore’s situation of analogous television phasing out. Throughout, the piece invokes belief of conscious, sentient life coming from the TV. An object least considered lively, which main purpose seems to create awe, wonder and imagination.
We’ve looked at what it can do, now we will see from it. We see it as itself. Nothing more and nothing less. A medium and a messenger.

Let’s hear, one last time, what it has to say.

  1. Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media, LED Wall 2018

    Not What We Are Not
    Curated by Teow Yue Han
2. Singapore Expo, iDome Theatre,
    Campus Party 2019

    Exploding The Frame
    Curated by Ben Alvin Shedd